DSS (Digital Software Solution) provider (MAKE IN INDIA) of the Cloud/Web based Wireless Biometric (GPRS/Wi-Fi) and RFID readers for staff/student attendance and Tracking.


  • Self-intellectual
  • Support ISO 1800-6B, ISO 1800-6C (EPC C1GC) protocol tag.
  • FHSS or FIX frequency transmission
  • RF output power up to 30dbm (adjustable)
  • 12dbi antenna optional with effect distance up to 10m
  • Support auto running, interactive and trigger activating work mode
  • Low power dissipation with single +9DC power supply
  • Support GPRS/Wi-Fi and USB Communication
  • Send Sms

It is high performing attendance tracking system integrated with GPRS / Wi-Fi reader. It is design on self-intellectual property. Based on proprietary efficient DSP algorithm, it support fast tag read/write operation with high identification rate. It can we widely applied in many RFID application system such as Schools, Access control, Logistics and Industrial production process control system.

Our all devices works on same protocol with HTTP Get Request with Push Technology, If you are integrated with one of our device and later on, If you want to go with another device of ours, then you no need to integrate it again.